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Era Motorsport to Show off ‘Motorsport's Most Mysterious Machines’ in Festival of Speed Debut

CHICHESTER, England (July 10, 2024) — After being highlighted during the Can-Am Celebration at the 81st Goodwood Member’s Meeting, the Era Motorsport-run Shadow Can-Am cars will be joined by their F500 and Formula 1 brethren for the most exciting celebration of motorsport in the UK.

We will be running nine historic Shadow race cars at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, including Shadow Can-Am cars from the knee-high MkI Prototype to the Dodge-powered DN4B, plus a 1975 Shadow DN5 Formula 1 car, and the Shadow DN6B which saw great success in the Formula 5000 series.

The iconic and experimental race cars will all tackle the world-renowned Goodwood Hillclimb seven times each. The 1.16-mile (1.86-km) nine-turn section of road takes drivers just over 90 meters (300 feet) up as they push themselves and their cars to the limit in search of the fastest time possible.

Returning to the Shadow line-up is a wealth of highly skilled drivers, headlined by the 1974 Can-Am Champion Jackie Oliver reuniting with his championship-winning Shadow DN4 to show their combined capabilities in front of the 150,000+ in attendance.

Oliver will share the car with former IMSA racer Rick Knoop, as both will trade places between the DN4 and the DN6B Formula 5000 car that Oliver used to pick up 3rd overall in the 1976 F5000 US Championship.

Also back for more action, touring car expert Jake Hill will return in the MKI “Mosport” car, and Marino Franchitti will return in the Shadow MKII. 

Jason Miller will be behind the wheel of the dual-winged MKIII Can-Am Car, while Kirt Bennett will be driving his DN5 F1 car.

New to the cars, 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill will be piloting the Shadow DN4B, while F1 Presented Karun Chandhok will step into the Shadow DN2.

Team-owner Kyle Tilley will have the honor of not only overseeing the nine cars but will also be once again driving the MKI prototype with its active-aero braking system, sure to stand out even among the mile-long list of motorsport's craziest creations that will be taking on the hill climb this weekend.

“This just continues to be a huge year for the team!” Tilley said. “This will be the most cars we’ve ever run at an event, and what better place to do it than at the Festival of Speed?”

“Year after year, this has been an automotive Mecca where all of the greatest vehicles from around the world gather to show what they’re capable of, so for a marquee like Shadow to have the chance to shine once again on a global scale is something really special, and we’re honored to be able to play a part in that.“

“As always, everyone at the UK Workshop has done an incredible job getting the cars ready and adding the two open-wheel cars to their workload. We can’t wait to show them off to the fans!”

In addition to the nine cars we're running, six additional Shadow F1 cars will be gathered under the same tent, making for 15 vehicles total from the manufacturer, nearly one of each model ever produced!

“It’s a very unique and rare opportunity,” Tilley continued. “Many of Shadows F1 chassis have stayed in the European historic circuits, while the majority of the Can-Am cars stayed state-side. Gathering them in one place is going to be historic.”

Founded in 1968 as Advanced Vehicle Systems, Shadow Racing Cars made their mark on the motorsport world with their wild race car designs and strategies. Beginning as a Can-Am Challenge team, they quickly expanded into F1 after just a few years. Their peak as a team came with winning the 1974 Can-Am Championship but the team also saw multiple podiums in F1 as well as a win at the 1977 Austrian Grand Prix.

The Shadows will be part of Batch 3 at this weekend's Festival of Speed. They will be in their own class of demonstrations, called “Shadow Racing: Motorsport's Most Mysterious Machines.”

With seven passes across four days, there will be plenty of chances to catch the Shadows in person, as well as on the Goodwood Festival of Speed Live Broadcast which can be found here.

Batch 3 Schedule:

Thursday 11 July

12:55 - Hillclimb

Friday 12 July

11:35 - Hillclimb

17:35 - Hillclimb

Saturday 13 July

08:30 - Hillclimb

13:20 - Hillclimb

Sunday 14 July

12:50 - Hillclimb

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