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Era Motorsport Geared Up to Rock Silverstone Festival

Era Motorsport returns to the iconic Silverstone Circuit this weekend for the highly anticipated Silverstone Festival, consisting of three days of high octane action with Masters Historic Racing.

Era will be providing trackside support for team-owner Kyle Tilley in the Ford Lotus Cortina, and James Hagan and Chris Atkinson’s Oreca FLM09 LMPC car. Tilley will also have the privilege of driving Hagan’s Tyrrell 011 F1 car this weekend, run by Mirage Engineering.

Adrian Flux Trophy

The Adrian Flux Trophy for Pre-’66 Touring Cars is sure to be an exciting spectacle. Dozens of Cortinas, Alfa Romeos, Falcons, Mustangs, Mini Coopers, and more are set to tear the track up for 45 minutes straight in the final race on Sunday.

Split into four classes by engine size, Tilley and the Ford Lotus Cortina will be in class THC, competing primarily against other Cortinas, as well as a handful of Alfa Romeo Giulias and 1600s.

“This car is always a blast,” said Tilley. “And to be on course with so many of the touring car greats of the era is going to be an incredible spectacle.

“Hopefully we can see some of the classic David vs Goliath battles between us in the smaller cars and some of the big America V8s, who doesn’t love that?”

The Adrian Flux Trophy competitors will be hitting the track twice during the packed festival schedule, with a 25-minute qualifying session on Friday, and a 45-minute race on Sunday.

Masters Endurance Legends

The second car Era Motorsport will be running during the Silverston Festival will be James Hagan and Chris Atkinson’s Oreca FLM09 LMPC car. The LS-powered V8 prototype will be competing in the Masters Endurance Legends, one of the most exciting classes in the event, with plenty of recent legendary cars hitting the track alongside the FLM09.

The duo will be sharing the car as they normally do for Masters Endurance Legends events, and will be competing in the G2 P3 Class primarily against more modern Ligier LMP3 cars.

“This is probably my favorite car in all of Era Motorsport,” said UK Shop Manager Kane Tilley.

“The big V8 makes it nice to work on, it sounds great, it looks great, and it's massive fun to watch out on track. We’re hoping for a great result out there this weekend.”

The FLM09 will hit the track three times during the festival weekend. First will be a 30 minute qualifying session on Friday. A 40-minute race on Saturday will be the longest session for the weekend, followed by another 30-minute race on Sunday to finish out the weekend for the category.

Masters Racing Legends (Formula One ‘66-’85)

As a special treat for the Silverstone Festival, Kyle Tilley will also be driving James Hagan’s 1982 Tyrrell 011 Formula 1 car.

Partnered with Mirage Engineering for trackside support on the highly specialized ground-effect-era vehicle, Tilley will be competing against other ground-effect cars in the Patrick Head class, including other Tyrrells, McLarens, Williams cars, and more, as other cars from the 1966-1985 eras join them on the track.

“It’s an absolute privilege to be trusted with a car like this,” said Tilley. “I mean, how often do you get the chance to jump behind the wheel of a ground-effect F1 car?

“The car is absolutely beautiful and well kept, much like everything James [Hagan] races, so it’s definitely going to be a rocket on track. I can’t wait to see what it can do around Silverstone.”

The Masters Racing Legends will compete in three 20-minute sessions, with qualifying on Friday and one race on Saturday and Sunday each.

“Overall, we’re excited for a great weekend and a big presence here at one of the premier Masters Historic Racing Events this weekend,” said Tilley.

“The Silverston Festival always brings a big crowd of enthusiastic racing fans, so it should be a really good time!”

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