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Era Motorsport Launches New Educational Program to Train Next Generation of Motorsport Professionals

Avebury UK, June 4, 2024 — Era Motorsport is excited to announce the launch of the Era Motorsport Training Academy, a brand-new 2-year program aimed at 17-21-year-olds wanting to enter the world of motorsport. Students will gain valuable information through hands-on experience under the education of long-term industry professionals!

Program Highlights:

In-Depth Curriculum: The academy covers essential subjects, including Race Car Preparation, Engineering, Electrical Systems, and much more.

Practical Experience: Students gain real-world experience working on race cars in our state-of-the-art workshops and during actual race weekends.

Expert Instruction: The program is led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the motorsport industry.

Career Development: The academy equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in various motorsport careers.

"We are excited to launch the Era Motorsport Training Academy to nurture the next generation of motorsport talent," said Mark Bailey, Head of Academy. "Our program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education and the practical skills needed to excel in the competitive world of racing."

Program Topics:

Race Car Preparation: Comprehensive training on safely preparing a race car for optimal performance.

Race Car Set Ups: Learn to adjust suspension, aerodynamics, and tyre selection for peak performance.

Hydraulics: Explore hydraulic systems, circuits, and maintenance.

Electrical Systems: Delve into wiring, battery management, and electronic control units.

Workshop Basics: Build foundational skills in tool usage, safety procedures, and basic maintenance.

Fabrication: Master the art of creating custom parts and modifications.

Welding: Learn various welding techniques for constructing and repairing race car parts.

Machining: Use machining tools to create precision parts.

Data Acquisition: Study methods of collecting and analyzing race car data.

Historic Race Car Restoration: Techniques and challenges of restoring historic race cars.

Sim Training: Utilize simulation technology to improve driving skills and strategies.

Engine Building: Learn to assemble and tune high-performance engines.

Workshop/Race Track Safety: Comprehensive training on safety best practices.

Transmission Building: Understand the construction and maintenance of race car transmissions.

Chassis Design: Learn principles of chassis design and vehicle dynamics.

General Engineering: Broad understanding of engineering principles in motorsports.

Composites: Study the use of composite materials in race car construction.

Materials: Explore materials used in race car manufacturing.

Suspension Techniques: Master setup and tuning of suspension systems.

About Mark Bailey, Head of Academy:

Mark Bailey brings strategic, adaptable, and future-oriented leadership to the Academy. With a background as a car designer, Hewland gearbox expert, and leader of the MBR race team for 24 years, Mark has achieved numerous race victories and championships. He was the 1989 F3 Champion and spent 11 years running the MBR student training scheme. Mark is passionate about mentoring the next generation of motorsport professionals.

For more information please visit, or contact Mark Bailey at 

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