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Era Motorsport to Contest Four Categories at Spa Classic

STAVELOT, Belgium. (May 10, 2023) – After their first historic racing event of the year at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting last month, Era Motorsport and Kyle Tilley are ready to continue the Historics program as the UK shop prepares to enter four cars in the Peter Auto Spa Classic this weekend.

Era Motorsport will be entering four cars in four different categories, all of which will be driven by Tilley.

While each car has historic significance, the focus for the team will be their Nissan NPT-90, which they have spent three years getting race-ready, and was being worked on up until the last minute to get ready for its racing debut at Spa-Francorchamps.

“The Nissan is absolutely insane,” said Tilley, “Even with a relatively tame tune it’s making 950 horsepower at the wheels.”

The Era Motorsport NPT-90 is technically a new build compared to most of the feild, having been put together with a spare tub, and other surplus parts from the original program, and the car is coming off of an extensive rebuild carried out by the Era Motorsport US shop.

The NPT-90 will be competing in the Group C category, where it will be the only NPT-90 in the field, and will be facing other legends such as the Jaguar XJR-9, Porsche 962 C, and the Spice SE90C, just to name a few.

“This event is a big one for the car, not only is it its first race since it has been rebuilt, but it’ll be a good test to see where we’re at for Classic Le Mans, which will be the next event we take it to.

“But really I’m excited to take it around Spa, I mean, what about 950 horsepower through Eau Rogue doesn’t just sound amazing?”

The other prototype car Tilley will be piloting on track will be the Era Motorsport 1970 Lola T210. Competing in the Endurance Legends I group, as part of the Proto 1, under 2.0-liter category, the T210 will be joined on track by other T210s and T212s, as well as 1960’s GT cars such as 911s, GT40s, and Corvettes.

Speaking of GT cars, the final two vehicles that Tilley will be piloting will be Era Motorsport’s 1959 Lotus Elite, and 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Lightweight.

Both returning from the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, the Elite will be taking part in the Fifties Legends group.

“I’m not sure about how well the Elite will do with 120 horsepower on a track like Spa, especially up against E-Types, Cobras, and other icons of the era, but it’ll be a fun one. That car has so much racing spirit.”

And Finally, the Aston Martin DB4 will be taking part in The Greatest’s Trophy, against the likes of D-Types, Ferrari 250 GTs, and Alfa Romeo Guilias.

“The Aston is a beautiful car,” Tilley said. “It feels much more like a road car on track than others, but that makes it interesting and unique to drive.”

Overall, Tilley will be on-track for more than ten hours over three days in four different cars.

“It’ll be a busy weekend, no doubt,” said Tilley, “But hopefully it’ll be worth it. There’s nothing like connecting to history through this incredible machinery we have.”

About The Spa-Classic

Celebrating its 11th running, the Peter Auto Spa Classic is a fan-favorite event that brings some of the most iconic vehicles to the equally iconic Spa-Francorchamps for a weekend of history, racing, and pure motorsport passion.

This year the Spa Classic will be running May 12th-14th with multiple sessions taking place each day. Classes are included to allow for cars that span nearly every decade of racing from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.

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