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Student Requirements

To join the Era Motorsport Training Academy, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • Age: 17-21 years old

  • Travel Distance: Must reside within a 60 mile radius from Era Motorsport UK HQ in Avebury

  • Driving License: A valid driving license is required

  • Interest: Demonstrated and focused interest in motorsport

  • Availability: Must be available all day on Wednesdays and one additional day per week (schedule to be arranged)

  • Education Status: Must be currently enrolled as a student in college or university

If you meet these criteria and are passionate about pursuing a career in motorsport, apply now to join the Era Motorsport Training Academy!

Ready to take the next step?

Application deadline: July 19th, 2024

Ready to meet your Teachers?

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Please reach out! You can E-mail us at, or click the button below! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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