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Program Details

Founded in 2024 by Kyle Tilley and Mark Bailey, the Era Motorsport Training Academy was made to raise the next generation of motorsport professionals, giving students real-world experience and hands-on training necessary to succeed in their motorsport careers.

The two-year training program is based in Avebury, UK, and takes students through a wide variety of motorsport areas including engine building, data acquisition, fabrication, and much more.

Under the instruction of the Head of Academy Mark Bailey, students will work hands-on with real race cars at real events, becoming well-versed in building, maintaining, restoring, and developing vehicles for the track, preparing them for all facets of the motorsport world, and setting them on a firm foundation for their careers.

Two-year Program Map


Year 1

September - December: Basic Training
  • Workshop Basics: Build foundational skills in tool usage, safety procedures, and basic maintenance.

  • General Engineering: Gain a broad understanding of engineering principles in motorsports.

  • Evaluation: The term concludes with a comprehensive evaluation to assess students' progress and understanding.

  • Workshop/Race Track Safety: Receive comprehensive training on safety best practices.

January - March: Developing Motorsport Skills
  • Race Car Preparation: Comprehensive training on preparing a race car for optimal performance.

  • Welding: Learn various welding techniques for constructing and repairing race car parts.

  • Fabrication: Master the art of creating custom parts and modifications.

April - June: Trackside Experience Begins
  • Trackside Experience: Students visit the race track for the first time to apply their skills in a real-world setting.

  • Data Acquisition: Study methods of collecting and analyzing race car data.

  • Materials: Explore materials used in race car manufacturing.

July - August: Advanced Technical Skills
  • Race Car Set Ups: Learn to adjust suspension, aerodynamics, and tire selection for peak performance.

  • Hydraulics: Explore hydraulic systems, circuits, and maintenance.

  • Electrical Systems: Delve into wiring, battery management, and electronic control units.

  • Machining: Use machining tools to create precision parts.


Year 2

September - December: Specialized Training
  • Historic Race Car Restoration: Learn techniques and face challenges of restoring historic race cars.

  • Sim Training: Utilize simulation technology to improve driving skills and strategies.

  • Engine Building: Learn to assemble and tune high-performance engines.

January - March: Internship
  • Internship: Gain practical experience and industry insights through a structured internship program.

April - July: Advanced Engineering and Design
  • Transmission Building: Understand the construction and maintenance of race car transmissions.

  • Chassis Design: Learn principles of chassis design and vehicle dynamics.

  • Composites: Study the use of composite materials in race car construction.

  • Suspension Techniques: Master setup and tuning of suspension systems.

August: Career Development

Career Development: Focus on career planning and development, including resume building, interview preparation, and networking strategies to help students transition from the academy to the professional world of motorsport.

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