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Era Motorsport Heads to Zandvoort for Historic Grand Prix

ZANDVOORT, Netherlands (June 15, 2023) - Era Motorsport heads to the Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix this weekend with a spread of three cars each competing in their own events.

New to the team this weekend will be a Ralt Formula 2 car, while the Oreca FLM09 LMPC and Ford Lotus Cortina will each be making their second appearances of the season thus far.

Historic Formula 2

New to the team this weekend will be the 1976 Ralt RT1 Formula 2 car, which will be competing in the Historic Formula 2 races with team-owner Kyle Tilley behind the wheel on behalf of the car's owner.

While Era Motorsport isn’t new to formula cars, the Ralt is an exciting return to the art of single-seat open-wheel racing.

The BMW 2.0L-powered car harkens back to an era where Formula 2 cars and Formula 1 cars had much less of a gap in performance between them, with just a few seconds per lap separating the two classes. More than that, winning the European Championship in those days all but guaranteed a Formula 1 contract next year.

“I’m super excited about this car,” said Tilley. “Even though it’s almost 50 years old, it’s an incredibly raw driving experience, and extremely close to the peak of what motorsport looked like at the time.”

The Historic Formula 2 Cars take to the track three times over the weekend, with qualifying on Friday, and one 25 minute race on both Saturday and Sunday.

Pre-1966 Touring Cars

Returning to the track for the first time since The Goodwood Members’ Meeting earlier this year will be the Lotus Cortina, once-again piloted by Tilley.

The car will be competing in the combined Masters’ Gentlemen Drivers and Pre-1966 Touring Cars on-track sessions, where it will take on five other Cortinas in its class, as well as an Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA.

“I can’t wait to get the Cortina back on the track,” said Tilley. “After the massive field of them at Goodwood it’ll be interesting to get it on track with a more varied line-up. I’m excited to see what comes of it!”

The Pre-1966 Touring Cars will have just two on-track sessions, with a 35-minute qualifying session Saturday, and a 60 minute race on Sunday.

Masters’ Endurance Legends

Returning from a class race win at Brands Hatch, Chris Atkinson and James Hagan will be co-piloting the Oreca FLM09 LMPC car in the Masters’ Endurance Legends class once again at the Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix.

The LS3-powered car competes in the G2/P2 category, but should be competitive with some cars from other categories as well.

The Masters’ Endurance Legends get the most on-track sessions of Era Motorsport’s lineup, with four sessions across three days.

There will be two 30-minute qualifying sessions on Friday, followed by two 40-minute races, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

To follow along with the Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix, follow Era Motorsport on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, and watch the Zandvoort and Masters Historic Racing websites for updates and timing.

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